5 People You Should Avoid Inviting To Your Wedding

Every couple plans a budget-friendly wedding and doing so cut out most people from the guest list. Preparing guest-list is one of the most stressful part of wedding planning, Isn’t it? I would recommend you to prepare guest-list very wisely. The most necessary part is to prepare a guest-list of close ones and then select your stylish invitations, could go for Stylish and Designer Scroll Wedding Cards to flaunt your close ones. It’s all about people whom you care to attend your wedding ceremony. I know It’s really hard and sometimes sucks while cutting out guest names from your planning list. So I am here to make your task easier and guide you with 5 people you should avoid inviting to your wedding.
You should really avoid sending wedding cards to these people:

1. Parent’s friends whom you don’t know


Parents might invite their colleagues and close friends whom you really don’t know. It’s tricky for you to choose who should be invited and is close enough to be present at your wedding ceremony. You should discuss this with your parents and invite the people very close to your family.

2. Your Ex

You should avoid inviting your Ex to your wedding even you guys are still friends. It doesn’t matter whether you are in touch or connected to your Ex. Inviting your Ex might make your spouse uncomfortable. It’s not necessary and should be avoided because it’s your day and make it worth by cheering your spouse.

3. Plus Ones


It’s not mandatory for family and relatives but you should ask your cousins and close friends for Plus one. Ask them to bring their date with them, not just any random date. Those who are engaged or in a relationship could bring their partners. It will surely work.

Note: Apart from sending wedding invitations, you could separately send a note for Plus One.


4. Distant Relatives


Every family have distant relatives, so it’s very tricky to pick your close ones. You might have many cousins near or far to you. You should definitely call for those who are in touch and needs to be present.

5. Coworkers


It’s not necessary to invite your office coworkers or your Boss. But yes, you could invite those who are very close to you or you’re friends outside work.

Note: If your boss is close to you outside the work, you could personally go and give the wedding card to attend your big day.

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